A proposal occurs only once in a lifetime, or so one hopes. It is a moment that remains forever in the memory of those in love and binds them in a special way. Preparing an original proposal is no small feat, but when you come up with a good plan, nothing can go wrong. We recommend that you do it on a sailboat.

There are many ways to ask the magical question “Will you marry me?” and we’re used to watching hundreds of original marriage proposal videos.

And that’s because such a crucial moment has to be perfect, so you have to find a place that is up to the task.

How about doing an original proposal on board a sailboat?

Make an original hand order, on board a sailboat

If you like the idea of you and your partner alone in the middle of the sea, you must prepare it perfectly.

The proposal on board of a sailing boat becomes something tremendously romantic, thanks to the calm and peaceful atmosphere offered by the sea, while we border the coast and discover lost islands under the stars.

Here are two good ideas to turn that special moment into the best of your lives.

Surprise her by asking for her hand on board the ship.

When you have the right crew, you can make original and spectacular proposals on board a boat. The crew members can help you at the crucial moment, facilitating the perfect situation.

A great idea is to wait for dinner and say it so under the starry sky or while dancing to the music.

You can also call the waiters to bring the dessert along with some roses, among which there may be some hidden messages.

The last rose will be the most special. You will bring the marriage request ring tied up. All you have to do is drop your knee and ask the big question.

“Will you marry me?”

You’ll see how the answer will be a yes!

Surprise your partner in the most original way

The proposal in a sailboat is very original, but you can go a step further with something different. This will make your partner fall at your feet before your great proposal.

You can always prepare a rigged game at the end of the night, such as a bingo. The crew will give the winning card to the bride without her suspecting anything.

When she goes to collect the prize, you’ll be there with a bouquet of flowers and a ring.

Another idea that will stay in your memory is to snorkel under water 

Leave a huge sign at the bottom of the sea, take her there and celebrate on the surface by toasting with champagne.

Since you’ve seen making an original proposal aboard a sailboat it’s a safe bet to get the coveted yes. If you are also original and surprise your partner, we are sure you will have the best experience of your lives.

There are different dream places all over the world to propose yourself, but you don’t have to go very far!

You can make an original proposal in Murcia, a privileged land bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and the Mar Menor. Without a doubt, a safe bet.

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