Do you want your team of employees to be always more motivated? At Kalima Charter we recommend you the events for companies!

Nowadays it is more and more fashionable what is known as Team Building for companies. These are activities that companies organize in order to reward their most active and effective workers. It is an incentive that helps them to remain motivated and to continue with their efforts.

A great way to take advantage of these events for companies, is to do group activities that also promote the cohesion of the whole team and help to strengthen ties. A great way to achieve this is through the nautical activities, especially in summer.

So, if you manage a team or are part of one, you cannot miss the opportunity we give you to discover the possible activities at sea for companies that you can do. We promise that when you finish reading this article… you will think of nothing else but sailing the sea with your colleagues!

Activities in sea for companies

Possibly, with our proposal, you have started to think about possible plans to have fun with your colleagues at work.

We want to help you, so let us show you the two most popular options at corporate events, you will win over the whole team.

Route through the Mediterranean and the Mar Menor

The best thing is to be able to enjoy the sun, the sea and a sailboat with the best performance.

Among the different possible routes, two stand out above the rest: the Mediterranean route and the Mar Menor route.

The route by the Mediterranean Sea will allow you to see the Grosa Island, Farallón and Hormigas, as well as to anchor in the surroundings of Cabo de Palos and Cala Túnez. An authentic experience for the most adventurous of the company.

The route by the Minor Sea will consist of passing in front of the Islands of the Baron, Perdiguera, Ciervo and Rondella. It’s very windy there, so you’ll enjoy little adrenaline rushes when the sailboat is propelled by the air!

Training and nautical qualifications for companies

For the more experienced sailors, you will always have the practical activities at sea.

Besides being a way to have fun and learn, this type of training allows you to obtain titles such as boat captain. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

If you dare to participate in one of our water activities, we recommend that you always go with the appropriate clothing to have a better experience.

As you will discover, events for companies will promote teamwork and build customer and employee loyalty.

What are you waiting for to try it on with your team?

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