Jet ski rental in Murcia, Meet our KalimaJet!

With the KalimaJet service you can enjoy updated and high-end jet skis.

We have the best jets to ride the waves, the famous SeaDoo GTX 155Cv model!

With its ST3 helmet, which we incorporated this 2020, which provides an improvement in safety, with superior stability on the ship and an easily accessible storage compartment.

Experience the adrenaline burst!

If you love speed you will go through an unforgettable experience.

Go at full speed, make turns and accelerate!
You will have a fun time between adrenaline highs.

Reach great speeds and cover long distances with this jet ski, allowing you to enjoy more views of the coasts of Murcia. You will find beaches and hidden coves, with crystal clear water and impressive cliffs.

With KalimaJet you will have different rental options to have the experience you want: nautical excursions, renting by fractions or free rent.

Remember that to make the free rental you will need a navigation license . If you don't have it, you can always get it at our school .



This year we launch new service in an unbeatable location

We are in the PTD Tomás Maestre , which allows us easy and secure access through its channels to the Mediterranean and Minor Sea. Making the activity much more pleasant.

Live one of the best possible experiences on a jet ski . Come on a jet ski excursion along the Coasts of Murcia or in La Manga Del Mar Menor with KalimaJet.

How are our excursions with KalimaJet?

Do you want to go out on an adventure? Our monitor will take you to know the best sites of our coast.

To do our excursions with a jet ski it's not necessary to have any qualification .

The professional jet ski monitor that will accompany you on a separate jet ski, will instruct and guide you through channels and islands while ensuring your safety.

For the excursion you can rent from 2 to 4 jet skis . You will sail in formation, at constant speed, and with a separation between motorcycles of at least 50 meters.

The monitor will give the appropriate indications to make stops or any route and speed modifications.

You will have about 15 minutes of free time in a safe area to enjoy driving the KalimaJet jet skis freely.

Excursions and jet ski routes

Premium experiences in jet ski, in La Manga del Mar Menor

Mediterranean Route - 3 Islands

One of our most famous routes
Through the Canal del Estacio we will access the Mediterranean Sea .

Already in the Mediterranean we will contemplate the house of the port founder; Tomas Maestre , passing under the bridge of the station.

Once outside, we will head throught the channel to Isla Grosa and Farallón , to enjoy its cliffs and Forada Island.

Later, we will go to the Isla de las Hormigas reserve and Cañonero Island .

Then we will continue to Cala Calnegre or Punta de la Raja, where we can enjoy a bath in crystal clear waters . Then we will end up coming back to Tomás Maestre port

Price : € 180
Duration : 1h 30min
Distance : 20 miles

Calblanque Natural Park

This route is ideal for nature lovers ! A route with excellent landscapes, coves, very few people and crystal clear waters.

We will go from the Tomás Maestre port and through its channel we will access the Mediterranean.

We will circle the entire arm of La Manga, until we reach Cabo de Palos where we will go the Cape and head towards the cliffs of the Natural Park , enjoying the passage of Cala Dentones and its beautiful virgin sandy beaches.

We will reach the hidden Cala del Campo de Golf and bathe in one of its coves, enjoying the crystal clear water and privacy.

Back to the portm we will pass between Isla Grosa and Farallón .

Price : € 300
Duration : 3h
Distance : 36 miles

Route of the Mar Menor - the 5 Islands.

This route passes through the Mar Menor, highly recommended if you want to see a great variety of places !

We will start leaving Tomás Maestre towards the Mar Menor , bordering the North part of the Mar Menor . Passing in front of Veneciola, Lo Pagan, Santiago de la Ribera, Los Alcázares, Urrutias, Los Nietos and Mar de Cristal.

Later, we will go to the first of the El Ciervo Islands , and continuing with Sujeto, Rondella, Perdiguera and Isla del Barón, back to the port through Pedruchillo.

You will see how many new islands you will meet on this route!

Price : € 140
Duration : 1 hour
Distance : 31 miles

Torrevieja Route

A very complete route on which we will travel to Torrevieja!

We will leave, as usual, from Tomás Maestre port and we will sail to Torrevieja .

On the route, we will pass near Las Salinas and San Pedro del Pinatar beaches. A very characteristic place.

We will also see the Puerto De San Pedro , as well as other interesting places such as Torre de la Horadada, Punta del Gato, Dehesa de Campoamor, Punta del Cuervo, La Caleta, Cabo Roig, Cala Capitan, Cabo Peñas , Punta Prima, and obviously Torrevieja.

Price : € 260
Duration : 3 hours
Distance : 53 miles

Tips and conditions

Here are some tips that we recommend you to follow, if you want to come and enjoy these jet skis to the fullest.

Bring with you

Sunglasses with safety fixation or with floating rubber
Apply before sunscreen
If you are wearing a cap, use some fixing system to avoid losing it
Lycra, t-shirt and swimsuit
Water bottle


Safety goes first

Jet skis are considered a risk sport. But don't worry, we are mentalized and prepared. In fact, KalimaJet' jet ski stops automatically if you fall into the water .

The rest will depend on you. You must be cautious, respectful and obedient to the indications of the monitor. Otherwise, as a driver you will assume the risk of this activity.

Security works similar to when we drive:

Avoid distractions and, when you are riding on the jet ski, focus on driving while watching the boats around you or approaching you.

It is also essential to respect the safety distance of 50 ~ 100 meters , depending on the speed.

For safety, during your bath you will not be able to take off your vest.


Conditions of service

The punctuality is very important, we have many excursions to do
Minimum age 18 years
Children under 16 years old may participate only with the authorization of a parent or tutor, also with a photocopy of the signed ID


Bail bonds

For the security of the service, we establish a bond system that guarantees the proper use of the motorcycle. If everything goes well, as usual, there will be no consequences.

Excursions with pre-authorization deposit with a € 500 card per motorcycle.
Free day rental GTI 130hp € 1200
Free day mode GTX 155Cv € 1500

Technical characteristics

Do you want to know more details about our jet skis?

Capacity for 3 passengers , with modular seats

Helmet ST3 : superior stability, with a compartment that you can access without getting off the bike, with a capacity of 102 liters

Intelligent acceleration and speed control , with intelligent reverse system (IBR) and driving modes: Sport and ECO

Fuel capacity 60 l , for long breaks