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We offer a large number of restaurants to which we will access by boat and if you want to eat on board, we recommend you bring already-made food. In the port there’s a Supercor so you can grab some food.

Not rigid bag
Beach towel
Solar protection
Jacket and cap for the nights
Sun-glasses, tube and fins (if you have)

Barefoot or wearing proper footwear

The ideal footwear in a sailboat are nautical shoes, and in case you don’t have,
comfortable sneakers with a white or clear sole and with a slip-on design.

When navigating it iss better to go footwear to avoid blows and injuries in your feet, then, anchored, you can be barefoot. You can also wear swimwear to use when going down to the beach or to the rocks. Avoid black or hard soles that make dirty the

What happens…

If I get dizzy on the boat?

The dizziness can appear at any moment, but many times it is exacerbated by own fears and stress that can cause us a new situation. We recommend you to relax and enjoy, you can take a few tablets of biodramine with caffeine half an hour before boarding and the easiest thing is having had food before the departure, going out on deck and looking towards the horizon.

What happens

If a jellyfish stings me?

First, we’ll have to wash the injured area with sea water or salt water, vinegar or
lemon juice, not with fresh water. Afterwards, a topical cream of corticosteroids that has anti-inflammatory power and relieves itching will be applied.