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What should i bring?

If it's your first time getting on a boat (with or without skipper), it is normal for you to ask yourself what kind of food and luggage should you take on a board a sailboat. We will solve it here for you


Food is a must, especially on long trips.

We propose you a large number of restaurants, which we will access by boat or pneumatic.

It is not something that we advise in summer, since the service can be slowed down by the large number of people. Another cheaper and faster option is to eat and drink on the boat.

Eat on the boat

If what you want is to eat on board, we recommend you bring prepared food. In the same port you have a Supercor (supermarket).

Some examples: salad, potato omelette, lean with tomato, roast chicken, pasta salad, chicken or beef patties, croquettes, dumplings, meatloaf, salads, catering or takeaway food.

The boat has complete kitchenware that you can use, we will only ask you to leave it clean and collected

On the ship there is microwave in case you need to heat anything, there is also a Nespresso coffee machine , if you bring capsules you can make yourself coffee.


Drink on the boat

Our advice is that you bring it already refrigerated , since in such a short time on the boat it is difficult to reach its optimum temperature.

The ship has two fridges , and an chest outside that you can use if you bring ice.



What should you take with you when getting on a boat?

Baggage bag (not rigid)
Beach towel
Solar protection
Jacket and hat not to get cold at night at sea
Glasses, tube and fins (if you have)

What does the boat have?

You may be wondering what things the ship has included. Whatever your question is, you will surely find the answer in this section:

Are there awnings on the ship?

Yes. The sailboat has a stern bimini awning, removals in the central cockpit and extendable awnings that are mounted during anchoring, to shade the central cockpit.

Do you have tables to eat on deck?

Of course. So that you can eat on board, the ship has two tables outside: one in the central cockpit and one in the aft cockpit, accommodating a total of 12 people seated in the two bathtubs.

In the interior cabin of the lounge you will have a third table with capacity for 8 people.

Are there toilets on the sailboat?

Yes. The boat has 3 toilets, although only the starboard toilet will be used for day trips. It is automatic and has 3 buttons (empty, normal and echo). It is recommended that you only use normal mode.

We should avoid throwing too much toilet paper in the toilet, this being the only thing we can throw away. Throwing wet wipes or anything else is strictly prohibited.

Are there snorkel gear with goggles and fins?

Yes. Glasses and fins are available on board, although there may not be equipment for everyone, nor do we have adequate sizes for everyone. We recommend that if you have yours, bring it on the day of the rental.

Is the boat equipped with mats?

Yes. The boat has mats in its two central deck bathtubs and a large one in the bow sundeck, making the stay much more comfortable.

Do you have music equipment?

Yes, we have music equipment with speakers outside and inside, which will allow you to listen to your favorite music.

How does the equipment work?

It can be used with mobile devices through the charging cable, if it ends in USB. You can also do it via Bluetooth, pen drives, and CD.

Is there a TV?

Yes, there is a television on board. There is one in the lounge, but they are not usually used for day trips.

What if...

we are more than 12 people?

The maximum number of people allowed by law is 12 people. Although it depends on the length of the boat and its characteristics.

Groups of more than 12 people who want to go on the same boat, will have to rent a passenger or swallow boat. It has benches for people to sit in and complies with safety regulations.

Kalima Charter Solutions

However, if you don't mind being separated on two or more ships, you can be as many people as you want with Kalima Charter. Here are some options for groups of more than 12 people:

1st Option for other 1-12 people: Rent a 2nd sailboat. Both boats will sail in parallel, which will make it more fun and give you the opportunity to take pictures of yourself. During the moorings, the ships will come together, making it possible for you to be together.

2nd Option for other 1-8 people : Rent a semi-rigid boat, without the need for a license, with which you can accompany the sailboat and on the I anchor to be all together on board.

3rd Option for other 1-3 people: For this option it will be necessary for someone in the group to have at least the Navigation License *, which will drive one of our jet skis 3-seater. This can be a plus of fun and enjoyment. A draggable can also be attached to the motorcycle, making the experience more fun.

* If you don't have the Navigation License you can get it at our school , in one morning and without exam, for only € 100.

What kind of shoes should I bring?

The ideal footwear on a sailboat are the nautical . If you don't have ones, you can bring comfortable beach shoes with a clear sole and a drawing, so you don't slip.

While sailing, it's better to wear shoes to avoid bumps and wounds on the feet. When we are docked or inside the ship, we can go barefoot.

Swimming shoes are recommended to use when going down to the beach or to the rocks.

To avoid: Black or hard soles that dirty the fiber and scratch the ship. Also avoid heels.

What if...

I tend to get dizzy?

Dizziness may appear at any time, but many times it is exacerbated by the fear and stress itself that can cause us a new situation.

In addition, not everyone tolerates the movement of ships equally. Although they all get used to it and stop getting dizzy over time.

If you are prone to motion sickness, a good solution to prevent it is to take some caffeine biodramine tablets half an hour before boarding .

When you are on the boat, another solution is not to have an empty stomach, go on deck and look towards the horizon.

What if...

there is bad weather?

Don't worry, it usually won't stop us from doing the activity.

Our location is very privileged

We are in the Puerto Deportivo Tomás Maestre and the orography of the coast, together with the prevailing winds Levante (NE) and Lebeche (SW), together with the possibility of choosing between two seas: Mediterranean or Mar Menor, gives us extraordinary advantages , achieving the success of the activity thanks to the shelter provided by the Sea and Wind coast.

Extraordinary cases

Exceptionally, it may happen that the activity has to be canceled. This is in case of forecast of heavy or heavy rains, wind announcements of force 7 or temporary.

In such circumstances, we will try to change the day of the activity . If this is not possible, the amount of your reservation will be paid.

It will not be understood as bad weather, that the day is cloudy or that the client wants to go to the Mediterranean or the Mar Menor and the circumstances of the weather do not allow us to navigate safely. The boss is the one who has the last word.

What can and cannot be done on the ship

Can I remove the salt after each bath?

Of course. Your comfort is very important to us.

The ship has an outdoor shower , on the aft platform, where you can shower with fresh water directly from the ship's tanks.

Can you go down to visit the islands?

Not in all the islands it is allowed to do it. We couldn't not go down in Isla Grosa, Farallón and Hormigas.

Where it will be possible will be on Perdiguera Island, within the Mar Menor , although it would have to be done by swimming from the boat. Ask the boat captain for more information.

Can you use the paddle surf board?

The paddle surf we have on board is inflatable and exclusively for full week rentals .

In single day rentals, the client must bring their own paddle board.

Can you smoke on board?

Yes, smoking is allowed on the outer deck of the ship .

You will always have to be extremely careful to avoid burning anything with the cigarette and not disturb others with the smoke, for which we recommend being in the lee of everyone (headwind). When you go to dispose of the cigarette, don't throw it into the sea: make sure to put it out in an ashtray.

Is it allowed to drink alcoholic beverages?

Yes, although our recommendation is to drink in moderation , since the ship is a place where you can do yourself a lot of damage. The ship is not the ideal place to get drunk, and any plan that ends with this can end very badly.

Can I use drugs?

NOTICE: It is totally prohibited! In this case the charter ends immediately , there is no refund and the authorities will be informed.

What if...

a jellyfish bites me?

If a jellyfish bites you, don't worry , we will have resources to help you. For your peace of mind, this is a solution:

First, wash the injured area with seawater or salt water, vinegar or lemon juice, never with fresh water.

Then apply a topical corticosteroid cream that has anti-inflammatory power and relieves itching. After a few hours, you will no longer feel any discomfort.

How to book

To book, we need you to email us to , indicating the date and time that you want to hire, whether it is a half day or a full day, the number of people and any questions that you have about it.

To formalize the reservation it is necessary that you send us your full name, DNI (or passport), address and telephone number .

With all this information, we will send you the contract. With the payment of 40% by transfer, the reservation will be formalized, leaving the day blocked. The rest of the amount is paid the same day of the charter.

Do I have to bring the contract on the day of the rental or charter?

Yes, it is necessary that you bring with you the printed and signed rental contract, since if the civil guard stops us, they will request this document.

Can you pay by card?

Yes, the company has a dataphone for card payment.

Can you advance or delay schedules?

Although it can be somewhat complicated, you can consult previously with us, and we will tell you if it's possible or not. Unfortunately, due to weather issues, in most cases it is only possible to find out the day before.

Do you have travel insurance?

Yes. The boat has, apart from the mandatory civil liability policy, a mandatory SOVI passenger insurance , as well as an extra civil liability insurance, for the development of the activity.

How is the maintenance of the employer organized?

It is considered that when a skipper boat is rented, the food and drink of the same are the responsibility of the lessor. The boat captain, therefore, is one more in the boat crew and will eat with you.

Punctuality of the service?

We want to place special emphasis on the importance of being punctual with the established schedules for the rental of the boat, since they will cause problems that we can hardly overcome, such as losing the opening of the station bridge, which facilitates our passage to the Mediterranean.

Above all, remember, punctuality will be very important for this type of service