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What should i bring?

If it's your first time getting on a boat (with or without skipper), it is normal for you to ask yourself what kind of food and luggage should you take on a board a sailboat. We will solve it here for you


Food is indispensable, especially on long trips.

Don't worry, we will propose numerous restaurants, which we will access by boat.

If you want to eat on board we recommend you to bring some prepared food. In the port you have a supermarket.


What should you take with you when getting on a boat?

Baggage bag (not rigid)
Beach towel
Solar protection
Jacket and hat not to get cold at night at sea
Glasses, tube and fins (if you have)

What kind of shoes should I bring?

The ideal footwear on a sailboat are the nautical . If you don't have ones, you can bring comfortable beach shoes with a clear sole and a drawing, so you don't slip.

While sailing, it's better to wear shoes to avoid bumps and wounds on the feet. When we are docked or inside the ship, we can go barefoot.

Swimming shoes are recommended to use when going down to the beach or to the rocks.

To avoid: Black or hard soles that dirty the fiber and scratch the ship. Also avoid heels.

What if...

I tend to get dizzy?

Dizziness may appear at any time, but many times it is exacerbated by the fear and stress itself that can cause us a new situation.

In addition, not everyone tolerates the movement of ships equally. Although they all get used to it and stop getting dizzy over time.

If you are prone to motion sickness, a good solution to prevent it is to take some caffeine biodramine tablets half an hour before boarding .

When you are on the boat, another solution is not to have an empty stomach, go on deck and look towards the horizon.

What if...

a jellyfish bites me?

If a jellyfish bites you, don't worry , we will have resources to help you. For your peace of mind, this is a solution:

First, wash the injured area with seawater or salt water, vinegar or lemon juice, never with fresh water.

Then apply a topical corticosteroid cream that has anti-inflammatory power and relieves itching. After a few hours, you will no longer feel any discomfort.

Notices to navigators

Here we want to tell you the rest of the tips and warnings that we usually give to our navigators when they get on board our sailboats.

Important: The toilets are easy to jam. Only paper can be thrown prudently. You should not use wet wipes or anything other than toilet paper.