Excursions in Boat and Sailboat in Murcia

Suggested routes per hours

We suggest a series of destinations and routes, depending on the time you are going to rent the sailboat

Routes during a day

Mar Menor: Isla del Barón, Islas del Sujeto, Rondella and Perdiguera
Mediterranean Sea: La Grosa, Hormigas, Cabo de Palos, Calblanque
La Manga : San Pedro, Cabo Roig

Routes for a weekend

La Manga –La Parajola – Terrosa – Portus – Salitrona – Cala Cerrada – La Azohía – Mazarrón
La Manga –Torrevieja – Guardamar – Tabarca Island – Santa Pola – Alicante

Routes for an adventure of 7 days or more

La Manga –Ibiza – Palma – Menorca
La Manga –Mazarrón – Aguilas – Cabo de Gata – Almería
La Manga –Benidorn – Altea – Calpe – Moraira – Denia

Now, we will talk about the different routes that we normally offer

VERY IMPORTANT : All destinations depend on weather conditions, the ship's patron will be consulted previously.

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Sailing on the Mar Menor

A route that lasts a whole day


Max number of people allowed : 12.
Location : Tomás Maestre Marina
Journey schedule : 11: 00-18: 00


Mandatory bring sports shoes (preferably with white sole) and appropriate clothing according to the season

People who experience dizziness should be prevented by taking something like biodramine with caffeine 30 minutes before boarding

Food and drink are not included, you can bring prepared food ready to consume, we have microwaves in the boat to heat it.

Route description

At 11:00 we will depart from the Tomás Maestre Marina, heading towards the Mar Menor

If the wind conditions are favorable, the sails will be raised, to experience the pleasant sensation of being driven by the wind. Otherwise, we would continue with motor

In the navigation through the Mar Menor we will closely see the Islas del Barón, Perdiguera, Ciervo, Rondella and Sujeto

From 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. we will stop to eat and bathe on the previous islands or in Cala del Pino, depending on the state of the route

Then we will lift the anchor and continue back to the port

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Ibiza & Formentera route

A week-long adventure


Max number of people : 12
Location : Tomás Maestre Marina
Journey schedule : leaving the port at 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and returning a week later at 2:00 p.m.

We propose a journey to enjoy a whole week of adventure, while we go to Ibiza and Formentera

1st day

We will leave the Tomas Maestre Marina port and we will travel most of the distance during the night to take advantage of the day we will have at our first destination: Formentera , where we will arrive around 12 noon. We will enter through Cala Saona, a paradise of turquoise waters and indescribable cliffs, south of Formentera.

In the late afternoon we will go to the famous beaches of Illetas , where we will spend the night in the port of Formentera . There we can disembark and will get to know the city, or buy some souvenirs.

2nd day

The second day will start sailing at 11:00 a.m. towards the South of Ibiza , while enjoying the incomparable views of the Islote de Gastavi, Espalmador Islands, the Frueus (with its two main Islets: Los Ahorcados and Los Puercos).

At this time, we can choose one of these three places to anchor: Playa de las Salinas, Cala Jondal and Cala de Port Roig. According to the weather conditions and the preferences of the passengers, we will advise on which one is the most suitable for each occasion.

3rd day

The destination of the third day of travel is San Antonio , the western part of Ibiza

Along the way, we will take the opportunity to skirt the Cabo Llentrisca, the Islote de Esvedra and the beautiful coves that draw the literal. We will arrive later at Cala Tarida , where it's impossible to resist diving into its crystalline waters.

In the afternoon, we will continue towards San Antonio, contemplating the famous beaches of Des Comte, Isla Conejera and Cala Bassa, whose beauty will tempt us to dive in

That day, we may to dock at one of these places or stay at sea to spend the night.

4th day

The fourth day we will sail towards Cala Benirras and the Ensenada de Sant Miquel . It will be a long stretch, but it will be worth it when we arrive.

Before the immense possibilities of these landscapes we will propose two options:
Head towards Cala Portinax at the north end of Ibiza or anchor there and enjoy the stay.

5th day

The fifth day we will focus on traveling to the North of Ibiza , on it's eastern side.

We will go to Cala Llonga, a route in which we will see the Tagomago Islet, Jondal, San Vicente and others.

We will dock at Cala Talamanca, next to the Islet of Botafoc, where we will be able to disembark and visit Ibiza .

6th day

On the sixth day we will cross the Freus towards Formentera , where we will anchor in Illetes and from where we will begin our return to the final destination.

At 14:00 of the next day it's planned to arrive at La Manga and say goodbye until the next crossing.

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Cabo de Gata route

A week-long adventure


Max number of people : 12
Location : Tomás Maestre Marina
Journey schedule : we will leave the port at 8:00 a.m.

Enjoy 86 miles of sea and a paradise destination: Cabo de Gata

1st day

We will leave the Tomas Maestre Marina port at 08:00 a.m. with a first marked destination: Caca Cerrada, where we are expected to arrive at 1:00 p.m.

There, we will anchor and savor a delicious meal, a bath and a walk along the cliffs, according to preferences.

We can choose whether to stay in the cove in the afternoon or if we want to travel a little longer and go to the Puerto Deportivo de Mazarrón and discover the coastline.

2nd day

The second day we will leave for Cabo Cope .

Once there, at sunset, we will anchor in Playa de Calabardina. Later we will arrive at the Aguilas Port to spend the night.

3rd day

The third day we will depart around 09:00 a.m., planning to eat at Carboneras at noon.

We will continue the route to the Port of San José at Cabo de Gata .

4th day

On the fourth day, we will go to the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata, which will please nature lovers.

Taking advantage of the green landscape, we will anchor in the Morrón de los Genoveses and enjoy the nature of land and sea.

5th day

The fifth day we will explore the parks even more. We will go to Las Negras Park .

We can enjoy small marine paradises that not everyone knows, like Cala de Plomo and Mónsul

6th day

On the sixth day, with all these experiences, we will begin the return ingto the Port . Slowly but surely.

We will stop to eat where we prefer, enjoying again great paradisiacal beaches.

We will arrive tired but satisfied at the Tomas Maestre port, in the afternoon of the last day.

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