Celebrate your Bachelor Party on Boat!

Why choosing a boat?

Are you looking for something different to celebrate a farewell and surprise the boyfriend or girlfriend ?

You are in the right place!

Every day there are more people who decide to celebrate the bachelors party aboard a ship , and it is not for less. A bachelors party on a ship is cheerful and fun.

In addition, the fact that you are there only with your colleagues on the high seas makes it a much more intimate experience. Which allows you to relax and have fun more freely. Turn this special moment into something private and exclusive.

Thanks to our location in the Tomás Maestre port, and the exceptional characteristics of our coast, we can guarantee you the maximum fun .

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Ship data

So that the party does not stop on the high seas, we have a great sailboat , 16 meters in length, with capacity for 12 people.

On board, you will enjoy all the comfort that you can expect from a full upgraded boat .

It has 3 spaces on deck: solarium in the bow, central and aft bathtub, equipped with mattresses and towel cover.

Stereo system abroad. Compatible with flash drive, Iphone, CD, or any other device.

You can also prepare an exquisite delicacy with our kitchen equipment : barbecue, 2 fridges, freezer, microwave, nespresso machine, complete utensils.

As for toilets we are not short either: We have hot and cold water, 2 showers outside and 3 bathrooms with electric toilets.

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Mediterranean Sea

We will cross the station bridge to head towards Isla Grosa , and see its beautiful cliffs up closely.

In favorable conditions, we will stop to take a bath in Isla Grosa or continue to enjoy sailing, and anchor in Cala Tunisia , near the Lighthouse of Cabo de Palos, Where we will eat and enjoy the bath.

Mar Menor

We will navigate between its two main Islands: Barón and Perdiguera

Later, we will anchor in one of these two to bathe and eat .

In the afternoon, we will head to Cala del Pino, where we will contemplate the islands of Sujeto, Ciervo and Redondela.

You will live an unforgettable experience during any of these two routes, we are sure of it and this will be achieved thanks to our boat captains!

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Low season

From September 15 to May 31
Price : € 400
Hours from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

High season

From June 1 to September 15
Price : € 550
Hours from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The price includes skipper, VAT, and the necessary fuel.
Does not include food and drink.
Flexible departure schedule.



Can I bring food and drink?

Yes, we don't limit you, you can bring what you want.

Our advice is that most of it should be processed food. Also known as tortillas, salad, lean with tomato, salad, sausage, etc. The main reason is that inside the boat people tend to get dizzy .

Our boats have barbecue and we put it at your disposal. The skipper will be in charge of preparing what you need.

What if we are more than 12 people?

There is the option of renting a second boat .

The second ship would sail next to the first and upon arrival at the anchorage, the second will approach and cover. Which allows everyone to stay together.

In fact, it is something we recommend. It can be a lot of fun because the boats are doing a kind of race all along, until they reach the anchorage.

Is there a possibility to pick us up at a different port?

Yes, prior agreement with the employer it is possible to pick you up at Marina de las Salinas in San Pedro, Santiago de la Ribera, Los Alcázares, etc.

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