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Surely you will have reached this website and you will be wondering what exactly Kalima Charter is

Kalima Charter is a boat rental company based in La Manga del Mar Menor (Murcia), with a focus on you and your needs, which differentiates it from its competition.

It is a family business, so it deals directly with you, without agencies or intermediaries . The owners themselves are the ones who perform the service, which guarantees concern and effort, so you have a great experience.

Let us keep talking about the reasons why this company is a great option to rent a boat (with or without skipper).

You are the most important

Whenever you rent any boat in Kalima Charter, you will be surprised with the great flexibility his crew members have. All done for your wellness.

Any suggestions you have, will be heard and granted.

Although there are many predefined routes, the service can be fully customized , since the patrons know the area perfectly and are very flexible. The important thing is that you have a good time!

In addition, you will see that the crew members are friendly with you , and the crossings will be more enjoyable.

Anything you can imagine, we can do it if you propose
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You will be like at home

If you want a service where you have all the luxuries on board , with these sailboats you will have it guaranteed.

In Kalima Charter the boats that are rented and used in the services have been selected by finger. You will see that only boats that have maximum performance are used.

Before letting you ride, the crew tests the ship and checks that everything is correct . Ensuring maximum comfort on board a ship that will bring you everything you need. Your job will only be to enjoy and relax with the experience.

You will have everything you need aboard Kalima Charter ships and sailboats!

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Because you deserve the best

If you are looking for an high quality sailboat rental service, you will not find ANYTHING better, we believe you deserve it!

Kalima Charter has been 9 years making people like you enjoy their adventures on the sea.

In fact, they have built a great local reputation as a service and have acquired numerous awards of excellence. As the best nautical service in the area. Here are a few examples


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Do you want to know who is behind of such a high quality service?
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Sales Manager

Maribel Soto

When you contact us, Maribel will be the first one you will talk to. She takes care of the customer service: she organizes and helps in all the events, attending your needs with a sympathy and kindness that will surprise you.

You will be very well attended!

High Captain

Raúl del Álamo

In all the excursions with skipper you will always have Raul, who has more than 10,000 miles traveled throughout his career as a height pattern.

He knows the whole area of La Manga and will give you some fantastic tips to know where to bathe or where to eat delicious local dishes.

Kalima Charter owner

José del Álamo

Directing the entire company, José, also titled as a high captain, cares about bringing you a great experience. With the creation of the company, he fulfilled his dream of having his own sailboat, and this is something that makes him have a passion for his work .

His mission , which he is managing to accomplish, is bringing more and more people closer to the fantastic world of sailing . With his 25 years of experience working in the sector, he is becoming a reference figure (especially in the sector of large lengths).

With these highly qualified members, you will have assured the best treatment and the best organization to have an unforgettable experience on the high seas

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